Bearcat Volunteer


There are several ways you can volunteer at CMS. We are encouraging you to choose at least one of the many activities that will help you teach your child about community, responsibility and togetherness.

  • You may volunteer in a teacher's class. The teachers are quite busy and can always use a hand sorting papers, making copies, putting binders together, and so many more little things that take up so much time.
  • You may be of great help around the school participating periodically in our landscaping maintenance in our courtyard garden. 
  • You may help chaperone in student travel.
  • You may come in and read with a student.
  • You may become a mentor for a student in need of guidance.
  • You may come and assist our Parent Liaison in the Parent Room. She is always ready to receive you and give you information.

To volunteer, please come to the Main Office or the Parent room and give your information to our staff. You may also complete the form below and submit it; someone will contact you from the school. We thank you for your participation and interest in helping us provide your child with the best education for a successful future!

All volunteers must complete a criminal background check with the district.


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