Here are some sites we use for instruction, reinforcement, progress monitoring, and more:

Sweet Search
Every Web site in SweetSearch has been evaluated.

Our online virtual classroom. Teachers post content, host discussions and assess students with quizzes. This helps keep teachers and students organized, allowing access to resources anywhere online while protecting student privacy.

Pebble Go! Research
Research for emergent readers.
RAZ Kids

Over 350 books -- that's the big thing about a Raz-Kids account. Once they have login information, provided by a teacher, kids can access a virtual bookroom of over 350 books on just about any internet-enabled device. Kids can choose between listening to their books, reading them aloud (and recording their reading!), or simply reading silently.

Reflex Math

Reflex: Math Fact Fluency teaches math facts for addition and subtraction for numbers 0-10, and multiplication and division for numbers 0-12. 

TEKS Resource System

The Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative, or TCMPC, is a shared service agreement between the 20 Educational Service Centers (ESCs) in Texas.


brainpop.pngBrainPOP is a site we use for multimedia, curriculum-based content to introduce a concept or skill in all subjects. We also have access to BrainPOP Jr. and BrainPOP Espanol .

Facts 4 Me

facts4me.pngFacts 4 Me is an elementary age-appropriate research site that aims to provide a "child-friendly, child-safe site; a site with accurate and interesting information that would stimulate emergent readers in either a school or family setting; a site written on the second or third grade reading and comprehension levels that would appeal to primary, special ed and ESL students."

Imagine Learning

imaginelearning.pngWe use Imagine Learning for Reading and Language Arts intervention; used on an as-needed basis.


Istation.pngFrom their site: Istation is "a comprehensive computer-based reading program that maximizes students' reading fluency, comprehension and retention, and academic success. Computer-adaptive assessments and curriculum present reading and writing in a fun, interactive way that motivates students to participate." is a site that offers content and tools for all subjects and from various third-party sources. We mainly use it for EasyTech, the "textbook" for the Texas' Technology Applications TEKS.

More Starfall

morestarfall.pngMore Starfall is a site for early literacy and numeracy -- our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes use it to teach the alphabet, phonics, numbers, and more.

Reflex Math

reflexmath.pngReflex Math is a game-based system for math fact fluency. It is a slick, fun, and adaptive web app developed by ExploreLearning, the same company that developed Gizmos for Science.


thinkcentral.pngThinkCentral is a site we use to access our Reading textbook assginments, and other resources for teaching Reading and Language Arts. A great feature is the ability to download stories as eBooks and (when accessed using a computer) the software to read the story out loud.

Think ThroughMath

thinkthroughmath.pngThrough the State of Texas, we have access to "Think Through Math," (TTM) a research-based math intervention system. TTTM is Web-based and offers adaptive instruction and even real live, certified teachers who can offer one-on-one assistance along the path to Math mastery.

United Streaming / Discovery Education

discoveryeducation.pngUnited Streaming is a site we use for accessing multimedia resources and other educational content. It is part of Discovery Education.

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