What is a Magnet School?

Magnet Schools are public schools with specialized courses or curriculum. "Magnet" refers to how schools attract students from across normal boundaries and connect them with their interest to make learning more meaningful.

The eight APEX (Academic Programs for Equity and Excellence) schools in GISD are:

Burnet-Early Childhood University Magnet School of Academic Excellence

L.A. Morgan Elementary Magnet School of Science and Engineering

Oppe Elementary Magnet School of Coastal Studies

Parker Elementary Magnet School of International Studies

Central Middle School Magnet School of Media Arts

Weis at Central Middle School Magnet School of Media Arts

Scott Collegiate Academy

Ball High School

These schools have received funds by the U.S. Department of Education. The schools promote equity and academic excellence for all students and provide choices for families and students through specialized curriculum.

The APEX magnet campuses offer excellent resources to the students in GISD such as:

MAC labs & media technology

Four Foreign languages taught at elementary level

Robotics and outdoor classrooms

IPads for individual student use

Balanced literacy curriculum

Dual language and Two Way Immersion

Professional Development for classroom teachers

Students are selected through an open, district-wide application process using a lottery method and school of choice process.

Austin STEM Magnet Middle School is a magnet school that does not receive funding from APEX.