Yearbook Personal Ads on Sale!
Friday, November 4th, 2011

Yearbook Personal Ads on Sale!

1 full page: $200

½ page: $100

¼ page: $50

1/8 page: $25

1/16 page: $10 (business card size)

Who can buy? GECH/CP students, staff, family, and friends!

Why? Give a 'shout-out' to friends and family; display you and your BFFs; have a team picture of your amazing out-of-school teams, clubs, and activities; congratulate a 'graduate'!

How? Cash OR Check written to 'Jostens' (*It cannot be bought online!)

$$ Due: Tuesday 11/22/11 to Ms. Schaaf, Ms. Collier, or Ms. Nallie

Photo/Design Due: Friday 12/16/11 to Ms. Schaaf or Ms. Collier

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