The Student Success Plan

Our school family wants your child to be happy and successful at Galveston School District. Parents play a key role in influencing their child's school experience by continually showing support for their child's learning at home. A strong home and school relationship is essential.
A child who knows that his or her parents are interested in school programs will experience fewer problems in school and will enjoy greater success. A parent who is willing to ensure that their student finds school to be an enriching experience will not only assure success for their student, but it will also help Galveston School District to better serve your family.   


SchoolCenter Picture Fostering Student Learning


We plan for each young person who comes into the school to enter an environment that is safe and secure.  When it comes to academics, we plan for and work towards success for each student.  Various practices are used in each classroom to diagnose performance and address students' needs.  Personal help, remedial programs, and intervention strategies often move students toward the success that is envisioned. 

Galveston Independent School District produces successful students who are supported by actively involved parents, and a community that values and embraces their role in the education of its youth.   Businesses, churches, youth organizations, foundations, and civic groups all have contributions and responsibilities, and therefore, membership in our Galveston educational team.