• Parker Elementary School 



    All students are provided a free breakfast in the classroom from 7:30-7:45. Students are not allowed to bring donuts or any other breakfast item to school. If you would rather provide breakfast for your child, please have them consume it prior to arriving at school. 


    All students will also be provided lunch at no cost. Parents may choose to send students with a lunch from home. Sodas and gum are not allowed in lunches.  


    Parents/guardians may bring a lunch to their child during their designated lunchtime.  Parents/guardians must check in at the office to obtain a visitor pass. In order for a parent/guardian to invite another student to eat with their child, permission must be in place through their homeroom teacher. This is a safety procedure put in place. We appreciate parents’ efforts to bring a lunch to their child’s friend(s), yet some students are highly allergic to certain foods, and we would be remiss if we did not try and safeguard students.