Morgan Elementary After School Program

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  • Date and Times of After School Programs:

    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: TOR Kids/Prep Program

    • Monday - Friday until 5:15

    3rd & 4th Grade: Texas ACE Program

    • Monday - Friday until 6:00

After School Announcements

  • After School Activities:

    • Black History Program
      • Families come together to enjoy a program of dance, singing, poetry, and living museum characters, to celebrate Black History Month. Community vendors/partners also present.
    • Books and Games
      • Students read books of their choice, students engage in educational games building social skills.
    • Clay Cups Family Event
      • Families engaging arts and crafts activity providing ceramics instruction, enjoying dinner and interacting with other families.An event that showcases ACE as well as community partners.
    • Early Adopters Program
      • Students will work with teacher on computer games learning how to create various elements of a games.
    • Health and Recreation
      • Health and recreation classes integrate various core subject components while engaging and motivating students to learn while having fun. Cooking combines elements of ELAR, science, and math when reading, following, creating, and planning healthy recipes.  Sports provide opportunities for gross motor development, cooperation, teamwork, and good sportsmanship behaviors.  Gaming activities inspire comradery and incorporate logic, reasoning, and problem solving skills.  Arts and crafts activities provide students a fun and relaxing atmosphere to generate products where creativity and personal expression is encouraged.
    • Homework Helper
      • Homework Help is designed for students to accurately and timely complete assigned daily homework.  Students may receive homework assistance from their teacher, other after-school staff, or from peers.  Homework is completed independently or in a small group with staff guidance (similar to a tutoring framework.)
    • Literacy
      • Literacy activities build listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Short stories, chapter books, and high-interest narratives are used as a foundation to: build comprehension skills, develop response skills, recognize literary elements, uncover the author?s purpose, make inferences, determine theme, and explore multiple genres.  Creating coherent, concise, and meaningful compositions is assimilated into literacy activities and emphasizes the writing process of planning, developing, revising, and editing drafts using standard English conventions.
    • Mardi Gras Parade
      • Students (with some parents accompanying) take part in the Mardi Gras children's parade.
    • Morning Tutoring
      • Morning tutoring provides time for independent practice of reading and math skills through the use of personalized learning computer applications.
    • Sewing
      • Students will learn the fundamentals of sewing- both by hand and using a sewing machine- including basic stitches, intermediate alterations and simple projects. The students will plan, utilize organizational skills, apply mathematical knowledge and skills (such as measurement), critical thinking, and problem solving. Projects will include hand-stitching, embroidery, quilting, creating pillow cases, and other simple crafts.
    • STEM
      • Students will work with teacher to create competition robots using legos and engines. Teacher and students work together to create various fun experiments.
    • Targeted Tutoring
      • Teachers will work with students on reinforcing place value skills, decimals, rounding, multiplication, comparing, and ordering numbers. Teachers will work with students on context clues, making predictions, sequencing, comprehension, identifying themes, and compound sentences. Teacher will help students with sequencing, compare and contrast, and reading comprehension skills.
    • Young Gardeners
      • The Young Gardeners Program seeks to upend the health crisis in our community by introducing a wide variety of vegetables and fruit to youth by creating, maintaining, and harvesting edible gardens at the school site.  Students develop skills and lifelong healthy habits for increased health and well-being.
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