Oppe Elementary After School Programs

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  • Date and Times of After School Programs:

    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: TOR Kids/Prep Program

    • Monday - Friday until 5:15

    3rd & 4th Grade: Texas ACE Program

    • Monday - Friday until 6:00

After School Announcements

  • After School Activities:

    • Arts and Crafts
      • This class will teach the fundamentals of arts and crafts. It will explore different techniques, mediums and styles of artistic expression.
    • Clay Cups Family Night
      • Family engagement arts and crafts activity providing ceramics instruction, dinner and fellowship. Also it showcases ACE as well as community partners.
    • Comp-u-dopt
      • This class will offer critical thinking science and technology based classes that will teach the students about virtual reality, drones, planning and construction, robotics and game design.
    • Cooking/Spanish
      • Students will learn basic cooking skills, health and nutrition, weights and measurements associated with cooking. They will have a working knowledge of food safety and kitchen safety. The entire class will be taught Monday, Wednesday and Friday in English and Tuesday, Thursday in Spanish for a language immersion experience.
    • Dance Class
      • This Class explores dance, expression through movement, technical movement and dance theory.
    • ESL Tutoring
      • This class will target newcomers and ESL students by addressing individual needs identified by their teacher. Individual tutoring, coursework, and homework specifically tailored to each child's ability and needs.
    • Fun Friday
      • This class provides selected tutoring and recreational time as well as reading time.
    • Gardening
      • The students will learn gardening and environmental science, math in the garden, nutritional science, health and stamina. The class will have an indoor classroom component and an outdoor garden classroom component.
    • Homework Help/Tutoring
      • Homework help consisting of individual time set aside for students to work on their homework. Methods will include solo work, peer learning and teacher assisted homework help. This time will also have targeted tutoring based on school day teacher needs, parent and student requests.
    • Ocean Ambassadors
      • This class is comprised of students working on leadership and stewardship representing our Ocean Studies Magnet theme.
    • Robotics
      • This class is a STEM based class with VEX IQ robotics as the focus of the lessons.
    • Rotating Electives Program
      • The Rotating Electives Program will allow students the opportunity to sample all the classes we offer to help them make an informed voice and choice selection.
    • Sewing
      • This class will teach the fundamentals of sewing including intermediate alterations and costume making. The students will learn organization, mathematics, critical thinking and planning.
    • Strategy Gaming
      • Students will participate in gaming that will develop critical thinking, healthy competition, sportsmanship, and strategy.
    • Student Leadership Class
      • Class that is all about student voice and choice. The class will rotate different STREAM based activities chosen and presented  by the class, approved by the site coordinator.
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