Parker Elementary After School Programs

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  • Date and Times of After School Programs:

    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: TOR Kids/Prep Program

    • Monday - Friday until 5:15

    3rd & 4th Grade: Texas ACE Program

    • Monday - Friday until 6:00

After School Announcements

  • After School Activities:

    • Arts and Crafts Afternoon
      • Students gain exposure to various types of arts and crafts that may help develop their own craftsmanship interests.  They will develop creativity and imagination, hone fine motor skills, and be introduced to the tools and techniques needed for the basics of jewelry making, string art, crochet, and sewing.
    • Black History Program
      • Families come together to enjoy a program of dance, singing, poetry, and living museum characters, to celebrate Black History Month. Community vendors/partners also present.
    • Board games
      • There are several skills that students will acquire through board games, such as, problem solving, strategizing, building vocabulary, and teamwork.
    • Clay Cups Family Engagement
      • Family engagement arts and crafts activity providing ceramics instruction, dinner and fellowship. Also, it schocases ACE as well as community partners.
    • Compudopt
      • Students will learn about computers through hands-on, project based learning. Students will learn computer coding, piloting a drone, and created a computer game.
    • Dance Group
      • Students will build confidence, self-esteem, cooperation through dance.
    • Endurance and Sports
      • Students will learn about the concept of endurance and how it positively affects an athlete's performance. Students will learn how to train and build endurance for playing an array of sports.
    • Engineering Club
      • Students will explore the concepts of engineering through project based, hands on activities. Building  weight bearing (model) bridges, cardboard house, and building simple machines are some projects students will create.
    • Handwriting
      • Students will be introduced to cursive handwriting, the tools used, a brief history and demonstration of drills and letters for students to trace, reproduce and practice.
    • Harry Potter Reading Club
      • Students will take part in literacy activities using the Harry Potter series as a focus.  Literacy activities build listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Harry Potter is a high-interest novel series and will be used as a foundation to: build comprehension skills, develop response skills, recognize literary elements, uncover the author?s purpose, make inferences, determine theme, and explore multiple genres.  Creating coherent, concise, and meaningful compositions is assimilated into literacy activities and emphasizes the writing process of planning, developing, revising, and editing drafts using standard English conventions.
    • Health Science
      • Students will learn about the human body systems. Students will engage in games and different activities to teach them how the body works.
    • Homework Help and Tutoring
      • Students will have the opportunity to complete homework and ask for assistance. In addition,  teachers will independently work with  small group of students to tutor in the area of need.
    • Mixed Media Art
      • Students will learn how to incorporate different types of art to make a project.Students will learn new art techniques.
    • Painting Group
      • Students will explore new techniques through different mediums of paint.
    • Parker Cooking Club
      • Students will learn how to read a recipe, how prep for meals, and make healthy food choices. Other topics that will be discussed  are: how to set a table, manners at the table, and how to serve guests.  Students will have an opportunity to make and serve a meal.
    • Poetry
      • Students will explore different forms of poetry through reading and writing original poems. Students will learn to express themselves through poetry.
    • Recreational Games
      • Recreation activities provide opportunities for gross motor development, cooperation, teamwork, and good sportsmanship behaviors.  Gaming activities inspire comradery and incorporate logic, reasoning, and problem solving skills.
    • Scrapbooking
      • Students will learn how to pick photos and choose paper to add embellishments. In addition, students will learn how to write specific captions to describe the photo.
    • Sewing
      • Students will learn the fundamentals of sewing--both by hand and using a sewing machines--including basic stitches, intermediate alterations and simple projects. The students will plan, utilize organizational skills, apply mathematical knowledge and skills (such as measurement), critical thinking, and problem-solving.  Projects will include hand-stitching, embroidery, quilting, creating pillow cases, and other simple crafts.
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