• Services for Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility


    Galveston ISD supervises a cooperative for the visually impaired that services students with visual impairments and orientation and mobility services who reside in the Dickinson ISD, Texas City ISD, and Friendswood ISD school attendance zones.

    Students with visual impairments have unique learning needs that must be addressed if they are going to access the regular core curriculum and become independent adults. Certified Teachers of the Visually Impaired (CTVI) are critical to the academic and social success for students with visual impairments. The CTVIs employed by Galveston ISD are committed to the success of each student who is served within the cooperative. Provision of and training in the use of appropriate assistive technology, direct instruction, and teacher and staff consultation are activities that our CTVI teachers engage in to ensure student progress.


    Orientation and Mobility (O&M) services are a related service provided to students with visual impairments. These services, which are implemented by a Certified O&M Specialist, assist students in learning to travel safely and independently through a variety of environments. The Orientation and Mobility Specialists employed by Galveston ISD are committed to ensure independence in mobility for students with visual impairments both at school and in the community setting.

    For additional information on the provision of services to students with visual impairments or orientation and motilities, please contact:


    Erica Spurlock

    Teacher of the Visually Impaired



    Lori Sweatt

    Teacher of the Orientation & Mobility



    Tyler Hamilton

    Teacher of the Orientation & Mobility