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     TripFinder Field Trip Request - Galveston ISD


    The following procedures should be used when requesting a bus for a Field Trip.

    It is the responsibility of the requesting staff member to obtain approval from their Principal or Department Supervisor prior to submitting Field Trip requests to the Transportation Department. Once the request is received, the trip will be reviewed, approved, and scheduled. Any trips that interfere with the transportation schedules to and from School will need prior approval by the Director of Transportation.

    Only District Staff with access to TripFinder will be able to request field trips


    Field Trips are to be scheduled between 9:00AM & return to Campus by 2:30PM


    Current COVID-19 restriction permit only 2 students per seat.

     Please ensure if boxed lunches or coolers need to be transported that their is an empty seat available to place these items in. AISLES MUST BE CLEAR OF ALL ITEMS BEFORE DEPARTING THE CAMPUS.


    Mike Praker



    Field Trips must be submitted 5 school days in advance of departure date. Trips can be cancelled by the submitter in TipFindert within 24 hours of your scheduled departure date.

    Field Trips are assigned at the Monday morning meeting at 9:00AM. You will receive the entire Field Trip schedule for GISD by Sunday the week prior to all trips. If you do not receive confirmation of your trip, it is your responsibility to ensure the trip is added and a driver or bus is scheduled. 


    Emergency Contact lists must be available to the driver before departing your campus. If an emergency contact list is not available, the sponsor will have 30 minutes to provide one to the driver. If an emergency contact list is not available within 30 minutes of departure time, your trip will be cancelled. 

     Seating charts must be filled out before departing your campus. 


    Seating charts are required by the Galveston Independent School District to assist in contact tracing in the event a student tests positive for Coronavirus.

    Please view and print the emergency contact list and seating chart provided.

    *COVID-19 Transportation Changes*

    All students and staff are required to wear a mask or face covering on the bus and during the duration of the trip. Roof hatches and/or windows will be cracked to allow fresh airflow. All students will need to sanitize their hands ( provided by the driver ) before taking their seat. Buses are loaded back to front, and unloaded front to back.

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