• Ball High School
    Tornado Battalion Staff Members

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Battalion Commander

Battalion Commander: Cadet Lt Col. Madison Unger
  • Cadet Major Maia Adolphs

    Battalion Commander makes operational decisions for the cadet battalion. Overall responsible for the activities, programs and administrative requirements which cadets are responsible for carrying out. After graduating high school with an associates degree in general studies, Cadet Major Adolphs hopes to attend the United States Coast Guard Academy and be commisioned as a Coast Guard Officer. Currently. she is the Ball High School Thespian Vice President, as well as being active in NHS, and BHS Sprouts. 

Brian Juarez
  • Cadet Command Sergeant Major Brian Juarez

    The Command Sargent Major takes care of all of the teams in the battalion which includes including Color Guard, Drill Team, Flag Detail, and Rifle Team. After high school, I would take advantage of the 2 free years at galveston college and then work to pay the rest of my tuition.My dream job is to be a Law enforcement officer in the state of Texas.I have always looked up to the people that serve and protect the citizens of the United States. I am a very straight forward individual and i always try to motivate young people to be better than they once were.I have lots of wisdom that i intend to share with the rest of the battalion and have things to teach and orders to delegate.

Battalion S-1

Battalion S-1 Cadet CPT Paige West
  • Cadet CPT Paige West

    Battalion S-1 prepares and maintains records and personnel reports for the cadet battalion. Supervises the merit/demerit program. Maintain cadet record database. Prepares and publishes cadet battalion orders. After high school, she plans to go to college to study to be an audio video technician.

Battalion S-2

Battalion S-2: Cadet CPT James Mellen
  • Cadet CPT James Mellen

    Battalion S-2 assists in making periodic inspections of the security of weapons. He makes periodic inspections of the security of the supply room and equipment storage areas. He also makes necessary on-the-spot corrections resulting from security inspections and keeps the Battalion Commander and Instructor Staff informed.

Battalion S-3

Battalion S-3: Cadet CPT Fatima Estrada
  • Cadet CPT Fatima Estrada

    Battalion S-3 assists the Battalion Commander in the preparation, conduct, and supervision of all training activities of the cadet battalion. Additionally, the S-3 keeps the Battalion Commander advised on the progress of training within the battalion. Her plans after high school are to attend college and major in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

Battalion S-4: Cadet CPT Smith

Battalion S-4

  • Cadet CPT Diamond Smith

    Battalion S-4 is responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, issue, and turn-in of all U.S. government property. The S-4 coordinates the securing of property with the S-2. After high school, she plans on joining the Army Reserves, then going to college for a Bachelor’s degree to become an officer when she joins the Army.

Battalion S-5

Cadet 1st LT Salinas
  • Cadet 1st LT Maricela Salinas

    Battalion S-5 plans and coordinates special projects as outlined by the Battalion Commander, Battalion XO, and the instructor staff. She also maintains records on all activities and coordination as they pertain to each project.