• FabLab FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    I want to make an engraved sign for my mother. Can you make it for me?

    Yes, you can make an engraved sign, but you will have to create it yourself.  I will assist you with selecting the right tools and templates to get started, but you will be the one that will learn to create your project. MS Word is often a good place to start for creating your sign. Learning how to make things is the foundation of a MakerSpace such as the FabLab.

    Does it cost to make an engraved sign?

    Yes, there is a small charge for the wood or other material that you choose to make your sign on. Usually, it's between $5 and $10 to recover the cost of the materials.

    How long does it take to make an engraved sign?

    Depending on the complexity of the engraving you're making it might take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to engrave. This time is also dependent on how many other jobs are scheduled for production in the FabLab.

    What is the FabLab?

    The FabLab at Ball High School is a maker space equipped with 3D printers, 3D scanners, a ULS laser cutter/engraver and shop tools.  The FabLab is open to all students and faculty to create either personal or school related projects.

    How do I make a 3D print?

    3D prints are created with software such as AutoDesk Inventor, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, TinkerCAD or any other similar 3D program.  A good starting place for ideas is thingiverse.com.  There you can search through 3D printed projects and download and share similar ideas.

    How much does it cost to print?

    Currently, there is no charge for 3D prints. 

    Can I 3D print to the printers by myself?

    All 3D prints must be submitted using 3DPrinterOS.com as an .STL file.  3D printing will be scheduled for production by the FabLab technician on duty. Log in using your GISD student account by going to http://www.3dprinterOS.com

    Can I use the laser cutter by myself?

    All laser cutting/engraving jobs must be submitted using 3DPrinterOS.com.  All jobs will be scheduled for production by the FabLab technician on duty.

    I’m not in STEM or BioMed can I use the FabLab?

    The FabLab is open to all students and faculty.

    What are the hours for the FabLab?

    FabLab hours are M-F 7:30am-11:35am and 1:15pm-4:00pm

    What other things can I make in the FabLab?

    The FabLab has a full complement of woodworking tools & supplies to create any project.

    How do I learn to use the shop tools in the FabLab?

    3D printer orientation is available on Wednesdays at 3:45pm. Shop tool certification for tools such as the drill press, hand drill, table saw, sander & band saw is available on Thursdays at 3:45pm.  All interested students must reserve space by using the FabLab calendar

    How can I sign up to be in the FabLab class?

    The FabLab is not a class. It's open to all students and staff during the week.

    How long does it take to 3D print something?

    Depending on the complexity of your model and how it was created most prints will take from 1-4 hours to complete.  Any 3D prints that will take over 8 hours to complete will be printed at the discretion of the FabLab technician on duty.

    How can I learn to use the software to make 3D models?

    To learn the software, you can request access to SolidProfessorSolidProfessor is an online learning library where you can learn popular design software. You can also review thousands of How-to videos by using your student account to log into AutoDesk.com

    I forgot my ID, can I hang out in the FabLab?

    No, all students must have ID. ID must be visible at all times. All visitors to the FabLab must sign in and out of the log book.

    Can I eat my lunch in the FabLab?

    Food and drinks are prohibited in the FabLab

    Can I look at YouTube and use my phone in the FabLab?

    Workstations in the FabLab are only to be used for working on projects. Cell phones are prohibited in the FabLab at all times.