pirate  Burnet Elementary Magnet School of Academic Excellence is a public elementary school in Galveston ISD. Our focus is Academic Excellence; we want to achieve this goal by practicing Balanced Literacy, Project Based Learning, and Technology Integration.

    A Message from the Principal

    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Burnet Elementary! I am extremely honored to be serving as the principal of this wonderful school! It is my hope that as the year progresses you will get to know the staff and the programs we offer here at Burnet.  It is the goal of the staff  to work with you to create a rich learning environment for all students. Student success is a shared responsibility between the school staff, students and parents.

    If you are looking for a public school with all the feel of a small private school, Burnet Elementary is the school for your family! Burnet Elementary is a Pre-K through fourth grade elementary school located on Ave S and 55th Street in Galveston.

    good to know

    Regular school attendance is essential for a student to make the most of his or her education - to benefit from teacher-led school activities, to build each day's learning on the previous day's learning, and to grow as an individual.  Missing any part of the day may result in serious disruption of a student's mastery of instruction.  Picking up students prior to regular dismissal time is extremely disruptive to the class and your child's education.

    No child can be checked out of school after 2:30 pm.  Parents should pick up students early only for doctor appointments.  A doctor's note must be provided.  If a student has to leave school early, a note should be written to the teacher that morning.  We encourage late afternoon appointments (after 3:00) so that instruction is not interrupted.

    When making changes to your child's regular dismissal routine, please communicate your arrangements to the school office (409-761-6470) prior to 2:15 pm.

    drop off

    When dropping off your child in the morning we ask that you pull all the way up and drop off from the first lane and not in the middle. The second lane is for passing only. Afterschool pickup is as follows Pre-K 2:45 till 2:55 in the first lane and K-4 pickup 3:00, but if you get here before 3:00 you must park in the third lane and remain in you vechile and you may begin parking in the first lane after 2:55. 


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