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Thinking and Doing

There is power in the Arts for thinking and doing.

I’ve told people for many years about how the Arts help a student to think differently than anything else does.  The Arts are never about just one thing.  They are not about learning a list.  They are not about answering a set of questions.  They are not about showing that you can solve a mathematical equation for “X.”

The arts are about expression.  They are about connections.  They help us to contextualize history.  The let students explore feelings.  They challenge students to create and to perform and to enjoy what others are doing.  Thinking and doing are both essential parts of the arts.

The Arts are for everyone.  Every student must be given a chance to explore the arts and to find their voice.  For some it will be in the comradery of the marching band.  For others the quiet solitude of the painter’s studio.  For some it is to be behind the scenes on the stage – making sure the magic happens.  For others it is turning sound into movement and flowing effortlessly across the stage in dance.

And again, I say, the Arts are for everyone.  Students may be differently abled.  They may require adaptive materials (no different than my reliance on glasses to be able to see).  Something I learned long ago from my fellow students at SWOSU who were music therapy majors – we can find a way for everyone to be a part of the music, art, theater, and dance. 

There is joy in the doing.  Let’s spread that joy.


Stephen F. Duncan DMA is Director