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Kami Google Drive Assignment

Kami Google Drive Assignment in Canvas

Kami can be used on any type of document allowing you and your students to collaborate in real-time on the same document.

Let's Get Started!

1. You must first visit the Kami website and create a FREE account using your GISD credentials (creating your account using Google is a good way to link your google account).

***The example in the video has been formatted with text boxes, images, and some prompts along the side to give advice. You can add a video comment for further instruction all within kami. After you create an assignment in Kami, it's time to push it out through Canvas. 

2. In submission type, select external tool, then click on find. Select Kami Google Drive assignment. 

3. After you've selected your file you check load in a new tab it you want it to pop up in a new window and save & publish your assignment. You can check student progress by going over to your Google Drive.

4. Go to the Kami folder find the folder with the name of your canvas course. Go into the folder with the name of your assignment.  

***Students have their individual assignments with their name in the document title.  By opening their assignments within kami you can intervene in real-time answering any questions they may have.

5. After students turn in work you can use the speed grader with the same kami tools. Annotate with the drawing tools to mark work.   Use the signature tool to add in your own stickers and gifts and add a private comment that explains the grade that you give your students.

Your students will have to create their own Kami accounts when they first access the program.  Tell them to click "Student Account" and tell them they have to use their school email address and password. 

Kami Website:
Kami Tutorial.pdf