Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts - History - Teaching Certification - History/P.E. Sam Houston State University

Mr. Brian Nelson

World History / Golf

"If you don't learn from your past mistakes, then you are destined to repeat them in the future." I incorporate this mentality in my classrooms, with regards to holding yourself accountable for your own actions. Everyday will consist of a series of decisions. From getting up and out of bed in the morning, to getting to school and class on time, these processes of self-discipline and responsibility will carry on far beyond the walls of this institution. Don't merely teach content, either. Teach students! By planting seeds and developing relationships with my students, I hope to develop a level of trust that will help efficiently and effectively prepare them to strive for greatness through their own initiative and drive. Galveston Independent School District has an obligation, through preparation, development, and encouragement, to provide our students with the essential tools for survival, that will, in turn and time, deliver the opportunity for each student to define and discover their own success.