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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Mathematics from Texas Tech University M.S. in Mathematics from Texas Tech University

Mr. John Rimar

AP Calculus BC & Galveston College Dual Credit Calculus I and II Teacher

Hi, my name is John Rimar. I have been teaching mathematics full-time at Galveston College since 1978 and have been teaching the Advanced Placement Calculus BC class at Ball High since 1993. I have also graded the AP Calculus exam for 17 years. The AP Calculus BC class is the equivalent of the standard college level Calculus I and Calculus II class. The BC class is somewhat unique at Ball High in that it is a “block” class, meeting two periods each day. It also has a mixture of Galveston College dual credit students and non-dual credit students (AP students.) The course is quite rigorous with an average of two graded assignments each week along with an exam every two to three weeks. Students are encouraged to learn to think for themselves and to not be hesitant to ask questions. An emphasis is also placed on learning the proper application of technology, be it a graphing calculator or computer software such as Maple. The overall goal of the class is for all students to have a clear understanding of the principles and ideas of the first two semesters of college calculus and to be able to apply them to various scenarios and applications. This goal is reinforced by encouraging all students of the class (both dual credit and non-dual credit) to sit for the AP Calculus BC exam in May. As I am frequently fond of saying, “At the end of the day, it’s all math.”