Mrs. Katherine Trammell-Bohn

Phone: (409) 766-5762


Degrees and Certifications:

B of A in History at UHCL Social Studies Composite Supplemental Special Education Certification K-12 Supplemental Art Certification K-12 Supplemental ESL Certification K-12

Mrs. Katherine Trammell-Bohn

SPED Life Skills Teacher

My name is now Mrs. Katherine Trammell-Bohn, as I was recently married in the summer of 2018. I am originally from Los Angeles, California, but have been in Texas long enough to be considered a Texan now. Teaching is my second career choice in life as I was previously a florist for over 25 years. But I always loved reading and learning, so I decided I wanted to share this love with high school students.
I am currently the academic Life Skills teacher in our Special Education Department here at Ball High. As a Life Skills teacher, I like to mix up academic learning along with real life experiences because it is so important for my students to be prepared for whatever skills they may need once they have finished high school. Learning how to balance a checking account, or use measuring instruments are abilities they’ll need from math. Creating a resume, filling out job applications and interviewing for a new job, require reading, writing, and computer skills that are also mandatory requirements for students with special needs to have in order to be happy and successful in their lives.