• L. A. Morgan Policies and Procedures

    I     Arrival/Dismissal/Attendance

    A.    Arrival

    1.    School begins at 7:30

    All students need to report to the gym before 7:20 a.m.

    2.    Breakfast is served daily in the classroom from 7:30-7:45

    3.    Students arriving after 7:35 will be marked tardy

    B.    Dismissal

    1.    Dismissal is at 3:00pm

    Students are dismissed near the front office if they are a K-2nd grade car rider, and out the Ave N ½  doorway if they are a 3rd – 4th grade student. If they are walkers in grades K-4 they will be dismissed from the gym. All bus riders are dismissed from the door facing Ave N. (This is a loading zone for school buses and daycares. Parents are NOT allowed to pick up their child from this door.)

    2.    Changes in dismissal routine

    ·      Please send a note if dismissal routine is to be differentiated.

    If your child is going to walk home, not ride the bus, or is being picked-up by someone other than the usual person, we MUST have a note or usual method of transportation home will be expected.

    ·      Half day In-service dismissal is at 12:00PM.

    ·      Please be prompt picking up your children from school.

    Meetings, tutoring, or other duties are often held IMMEDIATELY after dismissal.

    A log will be maintained by each classroom teacher naming children picked-up late.

    C.    Attendance

    1.    It is very important that your child attend school daily. 

    2.    Attendance is sent at 9:30AM.

    Please try to schedule appointments after school.

    3.    1 day missed = 2 days of instruction missed

    4.    Make-up work

    ·      Missed assignments will be expected to be "made up".

     A folder with assignments will be given to the student to complete in a timely fashion.

    ·      If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent, please let the classroom teacher know.

    ·      All make up tests must be completed at school.


    II    Teacher Expectations

    A.    Behavior

    Students are expected to follow classroom rules and procedures at all times.

    1.    Guidelines

    ·      Behavior should not distract others.

    ·      Behavior should not draw attention to self.

    ·      Deffer judgment.

    2.    Rewards

    ·      Stickers

    ·      Verbal praise

    ·      Treats

    3.    Behavior is marked daily in student's Peek-At-The-Week (PreK-2) or their take home planner (3-4).

    B.    Peek-At-The-Week/Planner

    Students are responsible for keeping up with their peeks/planners.  Lost or damaged books must be replaced.  See office for replacement price.

    1.    Contains student's daily homework assignments.

    2.    Sent home daily.

    3.    Daily Behavior marked.

    4.    Please sign and return daily.

    C.    Homework

    1.    Assigned Monday-Thursday.

    2.    Complete and return daily.

    3.    Assist your child:  do not complete work for him/her.


    D.    Parent contact

    Please inform of any changes regarding contact information.


    III   Textbooks

    A.       Hardback books

    Hardback books are assigned to each student in grades 2-4.

    B.       Lost or damaged books

    Lost or damaged books must be paid for before another book can be issued, including library books.

    C.       Books must be covered at all times.

    Volunteers needed to help cover students' books.  If you can spare some time to cover books for the class, it would be greatly appreciated.


    IV      Academic Progress

    A.    Interim Reports-mid point of each six-week grading period, sign and return.

    B.    Report Cards

    1.    Parent/Guardian must attend a conference to receive the first report card

    2.    6-week grading period

    3.    Your child must have a 70 average in Reading, Math, and Overall to pass.


    V       Supplies

    A.    A note will be sent when replacement supplies are needed.

    B.    Please make sure your child has a set of headphones/ earplugs ASAP  (for usage on computer).


    VI      Field Trips

    A.    Signed Permission/Medical Emergency Slips required.

    B.    Money and slips must be returned by required date.

    C.    No phone calls on the day of the trip.

    D.    Parents may not bring other children along on the field trip

    E.    Children must be in uniform or Morgan Spirit shirt for all field trips.  (A note will be sent informing which will be needed.)


    VII     Morgan Elementary School Dress Code

    Morgan Elementary School Dress Code is established to teach grooming, hygiene, instill discipline and modesty, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, teach respect, and prepare our students for the future.

    A.        TOPS

    Polo-style shirts (long sleeves or short sleeves: Black, White, or Gold).

    Visible undershirts—white or matching the color of the uniform shirt.  Shirts must not hang below the uniform shirt.

    B.        BOTTOMS

    Khaki or black pants, capris, skirts, or shorts must be sized appropriately at the child’s waist and must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. 

    Belts must be worn.

    C.        SHOES

    Students are required to wear closed-toed shoes with a back, for their own safety while in the building. 

    Shower shoes, wheelies, open-toed sandals and flip flops are NOT permitted.


    Black or White colored jackets, coats, or sweaters. 

    Absolutely NO hoodies are allowed. 

    Please write your child's name on the inside of jackets, sweaters, or coats. 

    F.     Notices will be sent home for non-compliance to the dress code.

    G.    Morgan or grade-level T-shirts on Fridays or for field trips ONLY.

    New shirts can be ordered.  Please see office for more details.

    H.     Head Gear

    Hats/caps are not allowed

    I.       Free Dress Day

    If your student is given a “Free Dress” pass, they MUST comply with the district’s dress code. Students are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts or open-toed shoes, and skirts/shorts, and/or dresses should not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee.


    VII     Conference Periods

    A.    Days:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    B.    Time:  During the teacher’s conference period

    C.    Scheduling an appointment

    1.    Call the office  (409) 761-6700

    2.    E-mail:  please see Morgan’s Staff Directory


    VIII    Campus Visitors

    A.    Campus visitors must show their driver’s license or state issued ID.

    B.    The visitor’s pass must be worn the entire time that you are in the building.

    C.    If you do not have a visitor’s pass, you will be asked to return to the office.


    Please call 409-761-6700 if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Divya Nagpal – Principal