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    The Galveston Independent School District provides school bus transportation for eligible students to their schools of choice. We attempt to place every bus stop at a location with reasonable safety assurance for students. The District prepares well trained, qualified drivers who are committed to following policies and procedures, so that we may provide safe service to all of our students.

    Galveston ISD is a Schools of Choice District 

    The mission of the Galveston Independent School District Transportation Department is to provide safe, reliable, and economical transportation for the students and parents of Galveston. The District prepares well trained qualified drivers who are committed to providing safe, friendly service to our students. 








    John Pruitt

    Office Address ( Bus Facility )

    3101 83rd St

    Galveston, TX 77554






    Galveston Independent School District

    Attn: Transportation Department

    PO Box 660

    Galveston,TX 77553

    Phone: (409) 761-6175

    Fax: (409) 740-2825