• Welcome to the FabLab!


    The FabLab at Ball High School campus is fully equipped MakerSpace with a laser cutter, CNC milling machine, Ultimaker 2+ & 3 3D printers, MakerBot Replicators, soldering stations, sewing machine stations, woodworking & metal working tools, Rasberry Pi 3 & Arduino Unos & NEXTEngine 3D Scanners!

    The FabLab is available to all communities at Ball High School.  Teachers & students are encouraged to think of new and exciting ways to integrate classroom curriculum with projects that can be created in the FabLab.



    -FabLab is closed for routine maintenance during 5th period 11:35am-1:15pm

    -Safety certification for the workworking tools such as the drill press & bandsaw is held in the FabLab Thursdays 7:00am-7:45am. You must pass certification to use these tools in the FabLab.


    Check the FabLab calendar for available scheduling and jump into the future today!