Degrees and Certifications:

Eastern Michigan University - Bachelors of Science in Earth/Space Science & Post Baccalaureate Certification in Secondary Education Michigan State University - Master of Arts Higher Adult & Lifelong Education

Ms. Amanda McGill

Hello!  My name is Amanda McGill and I teach General Chemistry here at BHS.  I am originally from the “Motor City” or “Motown” which encompasses the entire metropolitan area of Detroit.  Michigan is known for its peninsulas and Great Lakes freshwater systems surrounding the state.  My career involved teaching various science subjects for a number of years in the City of Detroit in both public and charter school venues. I was involved in curriculum development initiatives focused on interdisciplinary project-based learning.
My Bachelors program in Earth Science was concentrated in Physical Geology and Atmospheric Science. So naturally, I am fascinated with the weather activity here in the Gulf of Mexico in addition to the geology associated with the oil industry that Galveston is known for.  My goal is to create real-world connections for students to explore the significance of science as it relates to the world around them.  I believe that exposing students to its vast relevance in society will not only aid in developing scientifically literate global citizens, but also motivate and prepare future leaders in the workforce.