Inclement Weather/School Closings

  • Bad Weather School Closing Information for Families

    In the event of bad weather, Galveston ISD campuses occasionally close. The information provided below should help parents understand the steps that are taken and the procedures Galveston ISD uses to close the school district.

    Making the Decision to Close Schools

    Factors for consideration in closing schools include flooding throughout the district, major roads impassable due to high water, patches of ice on major roadways and weather predictions for later in the day, etc. When such conditions exist, the Galveston ISD management team led by the Superintendent, uses an established decision-making process to determine if school should be cancelled, delayed, or released early. The safety of your child is at the forefront in the decision-making process. The Superintendent and team consult with the local Office of Emergency Management, National Weather Service (NWS), Region 4 Superintendents, Harris County Office of Homeland Security and other school districts before making a decision. The Director of Transportation drives district bus routes and uses a system of district-wide "spotters" to report on road conditions. Maintenance and Operations staff are consulted to determine if facilities are in good working order. Consideration also is given to event schedules, staffing and any special conditions that may affect student safety.

    Notification Process for Closings and Delays 

    Under most circumstances, a decision to close school due to bad weather is made by 5:30 a.m. If enough information is available, school district officials may make a decision the night before and parents will be notified before 10 p.m.

    When it becomes necessary to open late, to release students early, or to cancel school, the announcement will first be posted on the Galveston ISD homepage. Information will also be posted on the Galveston ISD Facebook and Twitter accounts. Finally, parents will be notified by automated phone calls, texts, app alerts, and email through the Blackboard Messenger notification system. It is important that parents keep their email and contact phone number current in Skyward Family Access, if they want to receive notifications. 

    *Note: Skyward Family Access: Parents/Guardians have the ability to change their email address and password once logged into Family/Student Access via "My Account" located in the upper right corner of the screen. If any of the other information is incorrect, contact the Family Access Coordinator at your child’s campus for assistance.

    The information will be sent to local television and radio stations as well. Because of a large number of school districts in the Houston area, the television and radio announcements are sometimes delayed 30 to 45 minutes.