• Central Middle School Restorative Action Approach

    At Central Middle School, student achievement is our number one priority. Through this motto, our goal is to produce graduates who have the content knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach their full potential as responsible and productive citizens. We believe that all students can and will learn and achieve when the necessary conditions for that learning are provided: a rigorous curriculum, highly qualified teachers, proven strategies for learning, and maintaining a climate in which students feel safe and are able to maximize their learning potential. Through our Discipline Management Plan various interventions have been created that will provide the supportive environment necessary for high achievement. The continuing implementation of this plan will have a significant effect on ensuring that all students succeed at high levels.

    The foundation of our plan is based on the Restorative Practice Approach.  “Restorative Practice is a whole school relational approach to building school climate and addressing student behavior that fosters belonging over exclusion, social engagement over control, and meaningful accountability over punishment” (Armour,2014). Restorative Practice includes processes and practices that build a community based on a relational ecology (Morrison & Vaandering, 2012) that prevents wrongdoing, and productively addresses conflict. 

    At Central Middle School, all grade levels believe that all disciplinary practices and interactions must teach and promote student responsibility, enhance safety and a productive educational environment.

    Mr. Maxwell and student