Students are dismissed beginning with PK at 2:50, Kindergarten at 2:55, and grades 1-4 at 3:00. Student safety is of utmost importance at Parker. You must pick up your child at the locations listed below.  Students CANNOT go to a sibling’s classroom to be picked up. For safety reasons, we require parents/guardians to pick up their child at appropriate grade level locations, so teachers can see who students leave with.  It is a safety procedure, and we appreciate your cooperation. Whoever picks up a child must be on that child’s information sheet as a designated person allowed to pick them up. Any changes in how a child will get home requires a written note or email from the parent/guardian to the teacher. We cannot rely on word of mouth from the student for safety reasons. No early dismissal after 2:30. 

     Pick up locations are as follows-

    Pre-Kinder 4 

    Pick up at front pre-k doors (Front west )


    West Side of building first set of steps

    First Grade 

    Front of building under the cement awning 

    Second Grade 

    Front of building in front of office

    Third Grade 

    West side of building second set of steps

    Fourth Grade 

    West side of building in front of gym