All students are required to take their EOY Renaissance for Math and Reading.
    ✅OPTION 1: Log into Clever and the Renaissance icon will take you straight to the assessments.
    How to log into Clever? Click the link below and use your GISD student email. Your password is :
    Gisd plus your student ID number. Example: Gisd12345


    OPTION 2: Log into RENAISSANCE using the user name and password provided by your teacher. 

    Directions for Taking a Renaissance Reading and Math Test

     Students follow these steps to log in and take a test:

    1. Log in through Clever or the Renaissance URL: https://global-zone51.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/234245
    2. Select I'm a Student.
    3. The student enters his or her user name and password (PROVIDED BY THE TEACHER), and then selects Log In. 
    4. On the Home Page, the student selects Star Reading or Star Math.Image
    5.  If Star Reading or Star Math asks for a monitor password, enter admin and select  Image2       If no password is required, go ahead to the next step.
    6. A clock appears on the screen when the student has 15 or fewer seconds left to answer the question.
    7. During the practice, if the student does not choose an answer to a question before time runs out, or if the student has chosen an answer but does not enter it before time runs out, Star Reading and Star Math considers it an incorrect answer.
    8. After the student answers two to three practice questions correctly, a message tells the student that the test is about to start. 
    9. If the student answers seven practice questions without getting three correct, Star Reading and Star Math end the practice and will not start the test for the student. The student simply logs out.
    10. Parents of 1st graders taking Star Math may read the questions and answers to the students.
    11. Parents of 2nd graders taking Star Math may read an unknown word to the students.
    12. Students taking Star Math in grades 3rd-8th should complete the test without assistance.
    13. Students taking Star Reading in grades 2nd-8th should complete the test without any assistance.
    14. The student will be notified if time runs out on a question; the test will move on to the next question.
    15. When the test is over, have the student select OK. The program will log the student out.
    16. The student will follow the same process to complete a Star Reading and/or Star Math screener.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.