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    While in SAIL, time management is critical to success. Students and teachers must remain in constant communication regarding daily schedules and assignments. As with any traditional course, there is a risk of receiving a lower grade if a student falls behind. If your student is struggling with time management, then he or she should contact his or her teacher for additional assistance.

    As in onsite learning, remote learning will be structured so that each student will be given a daily schedule/routine that they will be expected to follow. 

    The SAIL Academy will offer a program for elementary, middle and high school.

    Instruction will appropriately focus on student progress on standards and the continuation of learning. During online instruction, students may receive instruction in the following ways (including, but not limited to):

    • Authentic student work/assignments with timely and relevant feedback for continued progress in learning of the standard
    • Hands-on activities which may need an extra pair of at “home” hands
    • Choice boards and playlists
    • Instructional activities within Canvas
    • Portfolio tasks and turning in of assignments
    • Assessments
    • Video lessons
    • Project based learning/assignments
    • Group/partner projects
    • Virtual Field Trips