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  • SAIL students will check out devices from their home campus. Please check with your student's home campus for details of computer distribution. 

    Remote instruction in the 2020-2021 school year in Galveston ISD will look vastly different from remote instruction during the Spring semester closure. Students must have access to the following:

    • Broadband internet access
    • Laptop, desktop or chromebook for use during normal school hours (Monday-Friday, 7.5-8 hours daily)


    Equipment: Parents must understand and acknowledge that any equipment provided by the District remains the property of the District and must be returned if the student withdraws, graduates, or services are otherwise terminated. Parents and students must commit to using the technology as directed, following all GISD policies related to technology, and make best efforts to avoid damage to either hardware or software. Misuse of, or damage to, the technology despite warnings and training will result in removal of the technology.