• Get connected!

    There are several ways school information is sent to parents.

    Letters, handouts, and flyers sent home with students - Make sure your student gives you all items sent home from the school.

    Web site - Subscribe to the home page to receive email or text when new information is added.

    Email - Join your class email group to receive timely messages. Just send an email to the appropriate address:

    • 5th Grade, send to: gechs2019@googlegroups.com
    • 6th Grade, send to: gechs2018@googlegroups.com
    • 7th Grade, send to: gechs2017@googlegroups.com
    • 8th Grade, send to: gechs2016@googlegroups.com

    Make sure your spam filter allows messages from that email address.

    Sandwich board - Posters are placed on a sandwich board sign visible in the drop-off lane in front of the school entrance.

    BLACKBOARD, the District's phone notification system - Make sure your correct phone number is on file with the school.