• Parker Elementary School of International Studies

    Uniform Guidelines 


    Parents:  Please read the uniform code information carefully.  Students who do not comply with this code will be sent to the office to call home and will be placed in ISS until uniform clothing is brought to school.   THANK YOU for complying with our uniform dress code.



                    *  Solid Red or White shirt with a collar, long or short sleeve

                    *  Solid red or white sweatshirt with a collared shirt underneath

                    *  Shirt must cover midriff

                    *  Shirts should have no logos, emblems, or decorations



    ·          Khaki colored uniform style slacks, skirts, jumpers, skorts, Capri pants, or walking shorts

    o    All skirts and shorts should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee

    o    No “short” shorts or cutoffs

    o    Pants must be size appropriate at the child’s waist

    o    No logos, emblems, or decorations may be on pants



    ·          Belts must be worn with shirts tucked in on normal school day for  Grades 1 – 4 

    ·         Pre K and Kindergarten students are not required to wear belts


    Jackets / Coats / Sweatshirts:

    ·         Red, white, black or light gray jackets / sweatshirts

    ·         On days when heavy coats are needed, students may wear coats that do not comply with the dress code to school, but must take off coats upon entering the building



    Spirit Shirt / Jeans:

    ·          Spirit shirts and jeans may be worn on Friday only. 



    ·          Shoes must be appropriate for outside play and running in PE

    ·         NO skates on tennis shoes

    ·         Shoes must have a back


    Head Gear:

    ·           No hats allowed



    ·          No extreme haircuts

    ·         No colorful mohawks

    ·         No Mohawks over 2 inches

    ·         No inappropriate designs allowed



    ·          If students are given a “Free Dress Day” they still must comply with the district dress code, no tank tops, no bare midriffs, no spaghetti strap tops, nothing sleeveless, and shorts not to be more than 2 inches above knee

    ·         Also, no make-up, no fake fingernails, no chains hanging from  clothing, prescription glasses only, no dangling earrings, and no distracting clothing or jewelry