GISD Software Available for Student Home Use and

    Parent Access: 

    1. Istation    http://www.istation.com
    a. In order to use this program at home you must first download the software onto your home computer. Find the download information at:

    b. After Istation is downloaded, INSTALL the file and click RUN. An icon should be placed on the desktop 

    c. You will be asked to select a school. Find: Your Child’s School from the drop down menu. 

    d. For User name: Student ID(six digit lunch #); PASSWORD: 9999

                (For ECU-contact the school for logins and password.)

    REMEMBER: At least 25 minutes sessions for advancement 

    2. Think Through Math   www.thinkthroughmath.com

    a. Parents can set up an account through www.texassuccess.org to

    monitor their children’s progress.

    b. Students can log intowww.thinkthroughmath.com using their

    current login and password and access their account at home.