We want to welcome you to Galveston Ball High for the 2016-2017 school year. Then we say "Rich in Tradition and Excellence in Education'' one does not go without the other.  In 1884, Ball High became the 2nd High School in the state of Texas and the strides that have taken place since Hurricane Ike in 2008 are phenomenal. Last year, 4 small learning communities were established and as you will see in the following pages, Ball High has po­sitioned itself educationally to rival any high school in the area. Last May two Houston TV stations came to Ball High after a "Lip Dub" went viral on YouTube.com that had over 60,000 hits in just a week (Click Here to View LipDub). You can see the 14 minute I-take Lip Dub of everything that Ball High has to offer on our website. If this is your 1st year at Ball High, you will find out that "We Are Family''. And if you are graduating this year you already know why we are BALL HIGH PROUD! Please read the entire planner thoroughly, there are many additions from last year's planner. I CARE best describes our goal for your success this year.

iCare Logo
    • INTEGRITY will be based upon choosing to walk in
    • COMMUNITY with teachers and students in the area of
    • ACCOUNTABILITY that will cause mutual
    • RESPECT among all as we bring forth our best
    • EFFORT which will get us to our RECOGNIZED goal
  • INTEGRITY is a consistency of actions, values, methods, principles, expectations and outcomes.

    • POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS -Integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness of one's actions.

    COMMUNITY is a social unit that shares common values and have social cohesion.

    • POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS -Being focused, attentive and disciplined in the classroom.  Obeying your teacher and being a support to your fellow students. Also conducting oneself like a lady or gentleman in the halls and during lunch.

    ACCOUNTABILITY is the acknowledgement and responsibility for actions, decisions and policies as well as the obligations to be accountable for resulting consequences.

    • POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS -wearing ID badges, non-use of cell phone during school hours, wearing proper attire with regards to dress code, regular attendance at school and getting to class on time.

    RESPECT is the condition of being honored, esteemed, or well-regarded.

    • POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS -seeing value and worth in your fellow students, teachers and all authorities. Walking in compliance in a school day including your actions and your language.

    EFFORT is the amount of work involved in performing an activity.

    • POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS -getting school work and home work completed promptly.  Studying and preparing for all tests and quizzes. Giving your best for all projects and research papers. Also preparing for all STAAR tests and EOC's.