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  • Focus:

    Accelerated curriculum focused on preparation for medical professions



    The biomedical engineering community is specifically tailored to prepare students for college entry to further their education in the medical sciences.

    “Curious about how your body works? Want to know why things happen in your body? Options are

    limitless when you choose the BioMedical program!”

    While in this community, you can expect to learn how to:

    • Analyze the functions of the human body
    • Problem solve
    • Be an intern at UTMB
    • Identify diseases and disorders
    • Conduct hands-on experiments
    • Become a doctor or scientist
    • Extract DNA
    • Investigate a crime scene

    And these are only a few of the possibilities



    Hands-on classes that benefit your future career - doctor, nurse, x-ray tech, emergency medical technician, medical researcher, certified nurse’s assistant, psychologist, forensic pathologist and medical equipment designer

    Career Certifications & Endorsements that would usually cost hundreds of dollars are provided for free.

     “Biomedical Sciences develop future heroes like scientists and doctors who create innovations that save lives.”

    Student Ambassadors of the Biomedical Engineering and the Medical Professions Community