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  • Focus:

    Innovative curriculum spotlighting animation, audio, game design, internet radio, podcasts, TV production, video and web technology



    Ensure that students have the media arts knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a 21st century digital technology career setting.

    “Media Arts is a very hands-on community. It gives you a chance to express your creativity!”

    While in this community, you can expect to learn how to:

    • Be a filmmaker
    • Edit and animate videos
    • Be an interior or fashion designer
    • Start and end a project
    • Work with audio production
    • Report from a professional broadcast studio
    • Design webpages
    • Create and design your own video games

    And these are only a few of the possibilities



    Hands-on classes that benefit your future career – web designer, broadcaster, journalist, graphic designer, audio visual specialist, game developer, film producer, artist, actress/actor and videographer

    Career Certifications & Endorsements that would usually cost hundreds of dollars are provided for free.

    “You have the opportunity to earn industry standard certifications and interact with media professionals.”

    - Student Ambassadors of the Media Arts Community


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