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Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Jerry Gibson

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“What is best for students?” is the imperative question that must be asked and answered when leading a district and should define the working relationship of a superintendent and the school board and be placed at the forefront of every decision. I desire that the district I lead be very prescriptive, proactive, and strategic in what we are doing.

One of the original reasons that Galveston ISD caught my attention is its location. We have children and grandchildren who are in the greater Houston area and we have missed so many things in their lives. As I began to look into the school district itself, I learned of opportunities for students and staff that matched my strengths and aligned with many of my experiences. When meeting with the school board, I saw seven individuals who have formed a team that wants to have our students be successful and have every opportunity afforded to them.

I feel that Galveston ISD has an incredible number of opportunities for students. With three colleges, health care, and tourism, to name a few, a graduate from Galveston Independent School District should be prepared for college or be workforce ready. It became obvious to me that there are more incredible advantages and possibilities for innovation in Galveston than maybe any other district our size in the state of Texas.

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Superintendent Contract

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