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After School Programs

Galveston ISD in combination with the Moody Foundation and the Texas ACE grant have developed after school programs for our Pre-K through 12th grade students at no cost to the parents. Each program and school has developed and trained teachers, staff, and administrators to build a unique program that ensures a safe and entertaining learning environment for the students that attend.

TOR Kids/Prep

Elementary Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Burnet Elementary
Site coordinator: Kalli Savell

Morgan Elementary
Site coordinator: Kimberly Sam

Oppe Elementary
Site coordinators: Michelle Lujan and Cynthia McConnell

Parker Elementary
Site coordinators: Kylie Schuster and Tina Wilson

Rosenberg Elementary (pre-k to 4th grade)
Site coordinator: Ash Ayers

Middle Schools

Austin Middle
Site coordinator: Emily York and Oluyemisi Oduwole

Weis Middle 
Site coordinator: Deona Guajardo

Central Middle 
Site coordinator: Cynthia Phillips