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Social Worker Support

The Galveston ISD social work team collaborates with our counselors and SEL specialists to provide direct and indirect social work services to students and families, addressing academic, behavioral, mental health, and social-emotional concerns in alignment with student, family, and campus needs. Social workers act as a bridge between the home, school, and the community, while working in conjunction with our counselors and SEL specialists. All Galveston ISD social workers have expertise in mental health.

Social Work Services encompass:

  1. Providing direct services to students to address academic, behavioral, and social stresses.

  2. Offering crisis intervention services and making necessary referrals.

  3. Coordinating and facilitating small group counseling sessions with students covering various topics related to student well-being.

  4. Supplying resources to students and families for external agencies.

  5. Collaborating with other school professionals to deliver comprehensive mental health support to campuses.

  6. Facilitating the coordination between the school, home, and community services to ensure educational success.