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Red Ribbon Week takes place each year from October 23-31 with the mission to keep kids drug-free. View the different ways our schools are celebrating!

AIM College & Career Prep
Monday, Oct. 25 - Drug free looks like me! Wear your favorite outfit.
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - My future is too bright for drugs! Wear neon colors.
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - To live my dreams, I need to be drug free! Wear your pajamas.
Thursday, Oct. 28 - Need to be drug free to reach my goals! Wear your team jerseys/shirts.
Friday, Oct. 29 - Look like me, be drug free! Dress like a friend today.

Austin Middle School
Monday, Oct. 25 - Too bright for drugs! Wear neon accessories or sunglasses (with uniform).
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - From head to toe, I'm drug free! Crazy hair and socks (with uniform).
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - Team up against drugs! Wear your favorite team's jersey or shirt.
Thursday, Oct. 28 - Stomp out drugs! Wear boots or mismatched shoes (with uniform).
Friday, Oct. 29 - Hats off to being drug free! Wear your favorite hat.

Ball High School
Monday, Oct. 25 - Red Shirt
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - Jersey Day
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - College Shirt
Thursday, Oct. 28 - Anything but a Backpack
Friday, Oct. 29 - Neon

Burnet Elementary
Monday, Oct. 25 - Let's TACO 'bout Being Drug Free: Wear red.
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - Turn Your Back on Drugs: Wear your clothes backwards.
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - Follow Your Dreams - Live Drug Free: Dress up like your dream job.
Thursday, Oct. 28 - Color My World Drug Free: Wear your favorite color.
Friday, Oct. 29 - Say Boo to Bullying and Drugs: Dress up as your favorite storybook character.

Collegiate Academy
Monday, Oct. 25 - RED-y to be Drug Free: Wear a red shirt.
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - Too Smart for Drugs: Dress in nerd attire.
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - Pawsitively Drug Free: Dress in school colors or animal prints.
Thursday, Oct. 28 - Team Up on Drugs: Wear your favorite team shirt or jersey.
Friday, Oct. 29 - Free From Drugs: School appropriate free dress.

Morgan Elementary
Monday, Oct. 25 - I Believe in me: Happy, Healthy and Drug Free! Wear your Morgan Bee spirit shirt!
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - BE a hero and say NO to drugs! Wear your favorite superhero shirt!
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - BE a team player. Team up against drugs! Wear your favorite sports jersey or shirt!
Thursday, Oct. 28 - BE all you can be...Drug Free! Camo day. Wear any color camouflage shirt!
Friday, Oct. 29 - Drugs are scary, BE drug free! Wear black and orange OR your costume. No costume masks, face paint, or toy weapons allowed.

Oppe Elementary
Monday, Oct. 25 - Wear Red Day! - To kick off Red Ribbon Week.
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - Team Up Against Drugs - Wear your favorite sports team jersey or t-shirt!
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - Tie Dye Day! - Don't get tied down with drugs by wearing tie dye today!
Thursday, Oct. 28 - Hat Day! - Hats off to a drug free lifestyle!
Friday, Oct. 29 - Dollar Dress Up Day! - As a treat, pay $1 to dress up so you can say BOO to drugs! (No costumes allowed)

Parker Elementary
Monday, Oct. 25 - Too Bright for Drugs! Wear neon/bright colors!
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - Saying NO is NO sweat! Wear your favorite athletic/workout gear!
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - Don't Let Drugs Ruin Your Dreams! Wear your pajamas! (No spaghetti straps)
Thursday, Oct. 28 - Say "Boo" to Drugs! Students may wear an orange, black, or Halloween themed shirt.
Friday, Oct. 29 - Addicted to Books...Not Drugs! Wear your favorite storybook character attire. No masks or weapon props. You can create your own storybook to go with your character.

Rosenberg Elementary
Monday, Oct. 25 - Hats Off to Red Ribbon Week! Wear your favorite hat or headband!
Tuesday, Oct. 26 - Team Up Against Drugs! Wear your favorite team jersey or shirt!
Wednesday, Oct. 27 - Show You Care, Be Aware! Wear pink and red to show your support for Breast Cancer and Red Ribbon Awareness.
Thursday, Oct. 28 - Don't Fall for Drugs, Your Future is Bright! Wear neon or a bright shirt and have fun at the BESTT Fall Festival.
Friday, Oct. 29 - Hide from Drugs! Wear your favorite disguise or costume.