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By Billy Rudolph 

As legacies go, the history of Central High and its graduates is one that won’t be forgotten. Since 2017, Central Middle School has hosted a Homecoming Legacy Lunch for anyone who has walked the halls of the campus, including the current middle school - the site of the high school - and even graduates from the original Central High School. On October 13 the ‘old gang’ gathered once again to share memories from a historical perspective.

“There is an incredible energy around the Bearcat family in this community. It is rich, it is steadfast, and it’s immovable,” proclaims Central Middle School Principal Dr. Monique Lewis. “The Bearcats from as far back as 1948 are here and I’m honored to be able to continue the legacy.”

“In recognizing these people, we are also reminding and recruiting so many of these people for mentoring and in-service work because the spirit here at Central was always one of commitment, dedication, and giving back to the community,” says GISD Trustee David O’Neal, who graduated from Central High School in 1966. “It’s a thing of collective energy. When you get people together for a common cause and synchronize that energy, you can do so many great things.”

“This is the oldest Black high school in Texas and a very proud school,” remembers Class of ‘66 Graduate Arthur Ray Humphrey. “Time passes, but history is history and it’s gonna be there whether we are here or not, so the legacy is there because of the school.”

The former Bearcats spent time with each other on this Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed an outdoor lunch complete with barbecue sandwiches, music, and memories.

“This event exists because of our community partners,” explains Lewis. “Our friends from local churches, Communities in Schools, the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and many other people that want to be a part of the blessing that this event brings.”

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