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Congratulations to Holly Neumann, third grade teacher, robotics instructor, and team lead at Oppe Elementary, for being selected as GISD's E3 Employee of the month for December 2022!

Holly has been with GISD for 14 years. When asked about the favorite part of her job, Holly responded, "I heard someone explain it this way and feel they said it perfectly: 'Kids learn differently. Helping kids understand that they can learn and finding different approaches that help each of them learn based on their own learning style isn't always easy. But I love knowing that a child has both learned the skill or topic—and learned how to learn.'"

The following comments were included within Holly's nomination:

"Mrs. Neumann's communication and organizational skills with students, administrators, and parents has given her program direction and garnered support from all of those she comes in contact with. She faces adversity with tact and grace.

"She makes everyone around her just a little bit better. She makes them a little bit more successful. She encourages them to try a little harder and achieve a little bit more."

Congratulations, Holly!