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By Chelsea Lenamond 

Galveston ISD is proud to announce October’s E3 Employee of the Month, Stephen (Rob) Lewis, who is the CTE Department Chair, Intern Assistant Principal, Incubator Director and Canvas Response Team Coordinator for Ball High School.

Lewis began working for the district in 2009 at Austin Middle School, then in 2016, the 1998 graduate of Ball High returned to his alma mater as a Spanish teacher and head soccer coach. 

Lewis studied at both the oldest university in Spain, Universidad de Salamanca, and the University of Texas. He has three bachelor degrees: Spanish, business honors, and international business; as well as a masters degree in education administration.

Learn more about Lewis in the Q&A below.

When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
The avenues for my obsession with foreign language were limited and I thought teaching would be a great way to transmit my passion for people into something influential and powerful. And thankfully, I took the leap when I started at Austin Middle School and I have never looked back. The incredible people and students have made it a wise choice.

What is your favorite part of working at your alma mater?
Just walking through the halls and the positive sensation of so many great memories, from seeing Tuffy to the school store, I feel a special and deep connection to this place. 

What is the Incubator Program?
The Incubator Program is dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurship while building the professional skill sets and analytical tools students will need to create and run a business. The experience is unique, rooted in pragmatism and professionalism, and lays the groundwork for the type of thought processes needed to be successful in any organization. It truly is a singular and special opportunity in our schools.

What is your favorite teaching memory?
I just love watching my kids prosper and grow, overcoming obstacles and searching out excellence, it imbues me with a sense that I had a part in their ascension and growth, however small it might have been.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
I love to cook, which can be a dangerous proposition when you are good at it and also love to eat. I love that food brings us together and helps us share our experiences and warmth.


Lewis received multiple nominations for E3 Employee of the Month. Below are the descriptions of why his nominators chose him:

“This guy right here! He is amazing and patient with students, staff, AND faculty! He is constantly going above and beyond to think of innovative ways to reach his students. Not only that, but he shares his expertise and knowledge so that they too can reach students in a better way as well! Hands down, he is one of the best we have here at Ball HS!”

“Rob Lewis really cares about his staff. Rob walks around the school at least one a week and stops to check in on every teacher. Rob wants to make life easier for the teachers, and always shows his appreciation. He is always giving words of affirmation, and little things like this help tremendously right now. Rob along with being an "intern" administrator at Ball High, also is a teacher. He loves his job, he loves helping students with incubaTOR, I know so many students who took the class because he teaches it. They love Rob, and they know that he truly cares. Rob is a phenomenal teacher, coworker, and coach.”

“He epitomizes the message of GISD, he devotes his heart to the work he puts in for students AND staff, and he is always ready to answer every question with a smile on his face. He wants only the best for GISD, and works hard every single day to make it the best district in the state.”


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