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By Chelsea Lenamond 

Galveston ISD is proud to announce October’s E3 Employee of the Month, Aja Cormier, Ball High School English I teacher, English department chair, and cheerleading coach.

Cormier has been working at Ball High since right after she graduated from the University of Texas in 2014. Originally from Beaumont, she chose Galveston as a “happy medium” to be closer to home without being at home. She says she loves the island and she thinks she made a great choice.

“I was always really bossy, so everyone thought I should be a teacher,” says Cormier. “I decided to pursue it seriously once I was a freshman in college.”

Cormier’s favorite memory teaching was a few years ago when she had a class of dynamic students who built a strong community and came together to help each other.

“When a few of their classmates fell behind on their work, they all worked together to help get them back on track and made it a class effort,” she recalls. “I was so proud of them for stepping up and taking care of each other. We celebrated at the end of the year when everyone had passed all of their classes.”

Cormier is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Houston Clear Lake and says her favorite thing to do in her free time outside of work is to sleep.

Below are the descriptions of why Cormier’s nominators chose her for E3 Employee of the Month:

“Ms. Cormier is a positive and strong leader that also shows love and compassion to her cheerleaders. Ms. Cormier has continued to be supportive, patient, and encouraging to her students throughout this school year and I am so grateful.”

“She really cares for her students and she makes sure she answers every student's questions.”

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