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Rosenberg Elementary just finished its inaugural kindness-focused fundraising campaign called Raise Craze. During the fundraiser, students raised funds for their school and showed their appreciation to donors by completing Acts of Kindness for others. At the end of the two-week campaign, the students completed over 1900 acts of kindness!

"As a MicroSociety campus, community engagement plays a critical role in how our school functions. We realized early on that this fundraiser aligned with our campus culture. We knew that our event would be successful because everyone can be kind, and it challenged teachers and students to help promote good in our Galveston community. The best part of this event is that, as parents, we have seen our students being kinder to each other at home," said Zahrah Ektefaei, Rosenberg PTO President.

Students have done everything from moving a neighbor's trash cans to hiding kindness rocks around Galveston. One class even hid 150 "good luck pennies" for people to find.

Tiger Shark City Council Member Lola Scott said, "This fundraiser was fun. I liked spreading acts of kindness at my school and in my community."

Pre-K Teacher Michelle Feather shared that "Raise Craze has been great because parents don't have to worry about selling items or keeping up with orders, and kids learn the value of acts of kindness in their community."

In addition to individual acts of kindness, the school ensured their impact reached the entire Galveston community. Students were allowed to make and deliver cards to our first responders, made dog toys for the humane society, and even gave thanks to our GISD Transportation department.

Ms. Glenn shared that "This fundraiser helps put responsibility and leadership into the students' hands. Not only in the sense of fundraising for themselves but committing to do acts of kindness for their community. It challenges them to look at their community and see what good can come to it. I loved how each kid and our class became more aware and involved in our community and putting our actions forward."

The students celebrated their final Act of Kindness on Tuesday, March 8th, with a school-wide assembly. Students wore their favorite color during the celebration to create a "Rainbow of Thanks" for the people who helped support them during this event.

The PTO provides many educational experiences and support for the students and staff at Rosenberg Elementary. To learn more about how to support Rosenberg Elementary, please email