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By Chelsea Lenamond 

Galveston ISD is proud to announce September’s E3 Employee of the Month, Maryori (MJ) Aceituno, who recently transitioned to her new role as district bilingual/ESL instructional coach.

Along with a certificate honoring her as E3 Employee of the Month, Aceituno also wins a prize pack including an Amazon Echo Dot, a GISD Whatever It Takes lunchbox, GISD branded wireless headphones, notepads, pens and more.

“It is an honor to have been chosen as the first employee of the month, especially since this year has been full of obstacles and challenges with distance learning, in addition to the many struggles that came with my transition from campus to district level administrator,” says Aceituno.

Aceituno has worked for the district for eight years. She spent six years at Oppe Elementary School as a bilingual teacher and one year at AIM College and Career Prep as a collaborative learning leader before beginning her new position in district administration.

“My favorite part of working with GISD is the level of impact that I get to make in our community and the GISD student body as a whole,” exclaims Aceituno. “In addition, the collaboration with genuine, dedicated and talented educators in GISD.”

Aceituno’s favorite projects in her time at GISD have been building a mission and vision for this academic year and planning efforts to enhance family and community engagement for bilingual families in GISD. These efforts include running the district’s Bilingual/ESL Facebook page, enhanced communication and a parent town hall meeting to promote engagement.

Aceituno is excited to begin her new position and further make an impact on the district’s relationship with its bilingual students and families.

“I am most excited about making an impact in our bilingual community by being an example to our students and parents,” she exclaims. “I believe that being an immigrant myself, a first-generation graduate of high school, college, and graduate school, I will become relatable and hopefully encouraging to students and their future in education. I am also very excited to help with the district's efforts in enhancing communication and parent engagement for our bilingual families in GISD.”

Aceituno received six nominations for E3 Employee of the Month. Below are the descriptions of why her nominators chose her:

“She has gone above and beyond for our campus. She’s known she’s moving into a district position for a while now and still maintained such a strong work ethic. She brought so much knowledge to our district that has made us stronger as a whole.”

“She had unsurpassed excellence in staff support for AIM, and continually went above and beyond the expectations of her duties.”

“MJ has gone above and beyond her role this year to help with the restart of AIM. She has gotten another role in the district and has been hustling to ensure that both roles are supported. In the role of CLL, she has led our team with skill development in Zoom, Canvas and SLO development. However, her leadership role modeling with hard work, dedication, support, follow through, candid conversations and collaboration is what we will truly miss. We wish her the best in her new role, but her shoes are some mighty big ones to fill!!!”

“Incredible CLL. Will miss having her on the team!”

“Holistically approaches each and every day with a positive attitude.  Not only in education, but in body, spirit and mind.”

“She embodies each part of GISD’s mission daily by coaching her team and mastering the resources (and technology) that she plans to use. Her presence is always noticeable because of how much she values engagement and her methods to attain it. Ms. Aceituno is also very uplifting and continues to help others to do their very best. You can always count on Ms. Aceituno!”

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