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Galveston ISD’s Ball High Tor Store recently received a major donation of $25,000 during Vision Galveston’s “Philanthrovision” event.

The Tor Store is a Special Education and Business partnership where students work together to operate a retail, apparel, and signage business serving the needs of both district and community clients. The goal is to maximize the potential of every student of every ability level. All proceeds are reinvested to help students and expand services.

Vision Galveston, who hosted the event, brings together residents, workers, funders, and partners to transform Galveston into the best place to live, work, and raise a family. They are focused on connecting the community’s vision for Galveston to the resources to make that vision happen.

Tor Store Director Rob Lewis explained how the funding event worked. “We were pitching for $30,000 to invest in new equipment and technologies, also to provide training and expertise to faculty and staff in our department, and finally, to build out a curriculum. We want to take this program and export it throughout the country,” Lewis said.

Lewis and fellow founder Darren Muren gave a “Shark Tank” type pitch to the many donors present at the event. There was also a fan voting portion which the Tor Store team won. While all five groups received funding, the Tor Store group was the big winner. 

“This is something for Galveston to be proud of - nobody is doing what we’re doing here at Ball High,” Lewis added.

For more information, contact Rob Lewis at


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