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Soccer Program Begins at GISD’s Central Middle School


Thanks to GISD’s new middle school realignment that began this year, Central Middle School has been able to start a soccer program. There are now enough players in both grades at the campus, seventh and eighth, to compete in soccer against other teams in the surrounding area.

 “Overall the goal for us this year is to provide the opportunity for our players to learn the game and at least compete in a pretty tough district,” Berry Johnson said, Head Girls Coach and Coordinator of the program. As they move into the final weeks of the season, all four teams, seventh and eighth grades, boys and girls, have an opportunity to make the post-season, he added.

Head Boys Coach Stefan Ungurean said, “Principal Mendoza approached me at the beginning of the school year about helping with soccer. I’ve worked with these students before and wanted to do it.”

Students are loving the opportunity to play for their school. Eighth-grade midfielder Abraham Carrillo is excited to be able to start UIL competitive soccer at the middle school level. “It lets us represent our school and it prepares us for the Ball High team next year.”

Goalie Jeicolle Ixcotoyac, also a Central student, says it’s good to be able to play locally. “People can come see me play, family, scouts, everybody. It’s my passion,” he added.

The addition of the program introduces students to the sport earlier in their educational career, better equipping them for future play at the high school level.  

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