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The state swimming and diving competitions were held in Austin, Saturday, February 24th . Ball High was represented in each competition. Tor Senior Kai Jankowiak advanced in swimming while Sophomore Sianna Acosta competed in diving, a great accomplishment for a tenth grader.

Ball High Aquatics Head Coach Jay Godfrey shared his pride in the accomplishments of these student-athletes. “I could not be more proud of these two athletes. Kai and Sianna are proof that your results as an athlete are directly correlated to the efforts put forth in practice.”

Both athletes have led by example and have played a crucial role in improving the team’s overall culture to one that values excellence, and growth.

As a senior, Kai is leaving behind quite the legacy for future Ball High Swimmers to look up to, capturing 8 of the 11 possible Ball High School Swim records as well as two consecutive state final appearances.
With two more years ahead of her, sophomore Sianna Acosta has already established herself as the best diver to come from Ball High School, crushing the previous girls diving record by upwards of 100 points, and also having two consecutive state final appearance.

Congratulations again to these special student-athletes.

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