Burnet Elementary After School Program

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  • Date and Times of After School Programs:

    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: TOR Kids/Prep Program

    • Monday - Friday until 5:15

    3rd & 4th Grade: Texas ACE Program

    • Monday - Friday until 6:00

After School Announcements

  • After School Activities:

    • Art
      • Students complete artistic activities, learning new skills and exploring their creativity.They develop familiarity with different mediums and designs.
    • BHP Dance Rehearsal
      • Students from each Elementary campus learn and rehearse two dances for the Black History Program. Snacks and water provided.
    • Black History Program
      • Families come together to enjoy a program of dance, singing, poetry, and living museum characters, to celebrate Black History Month. Community vendors/partners also present.
    • Burnet Family Resource Fair
      • Families visit our booth to find out more about our program and summer program, and to participate in a Black History Month art activity.
    • Clay Cup Studios Family Event
      • Families from all four ACE Elementary schools create art pieces together at Clay Cup Studios, with food provided by GOFM Young Gardeners Program.
    • Compudopt
      • Our partner Compudopt's trainer brings a range of technology to teach the students new and engaging skills, including flying drones, coding video games, using VR.
    • Cooking Club
      • Students learn about healthy eating, economical meal planning, math in the kitchen, science in the kitchen, skills for shopping and budgeting. They will participate in a mixture of theoretical and practical activities.
    • Drama Club
      • Students will learn key skills for reading, interpretation and performance. They will prepare in various roles for dramatic productions.
    • Folkloric Dance
      • Students learn and rehearse traditional folkloric dancing for performances.
    • Gym Games
      • Students participate in team games and sports skills practice to improve their teamwork skills and physical fitness.
    • Homework Help
      • Students complete homework with assistance from the teacher.
      • Students work in groups or pairs where appropriate.
      • Support materials available if needed.
      • Students work at an independent pace.
      • If finished, some will read or complete an additional activity aligned with school day learning.
    • Mardi Gras Parade
      • Students (with some parents accompanying) take part in the Mardi Gras children's parade.
    • Name That Book
      • Students work on reading and comprehension skills while building skills and knowledge for the 'Name That Book' Competition. They also take time for homework if needed.
    • Pop Up Clubs
      • Students express choice to participate in a range of 'pop-up' activities, including: strategy games, cubelets robots, reading, art, paper craft, chess, crochet. They participate to build a range of thinking, creative, and communication skills.
    • Prodigy/Technology
      • Students use Prodigy in the Computer Lab to build their Math skills.
    • Robotics
      • Students learn how to build and program robots, preparing for competition.
    • Sports Enrichment
      • Students participate in sports games and drills to work on cooperation and communication skills.
    • Strategy Games
      • Students play a range of games to build critical thinking and strategy skills.
    • STREAM Club
      • Students explore a range of science experiments, math and reading games, occasional gardening activities.
    • Tour of Galveston College
      • Students tour the different areas of study at Galveston College to learn about the opportunities there. They visited culinary, art, medical departments, and the library and store, and could ask questions about studying there.
    • Tutoring
      • Students work in groups to revise and extend their core Math and Reading skills, to support their work during the school day, in line with core 3rd and 4th grade TEKS.  Also includes homework help.
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