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    Galveston ISD strives to provide for the safety, social, emotional and academic needs of each child.
    For the 2020-2021 school year, parents will have the opportunity to make a choice between remote learning and on-site learning.
    The remote learning option is for a new campus experience named SAIL: Students Accessing Innovative Learning.
    All learning through this campus will be remote, with the possibility of computers and hotspots for internet access available for students in need.

    Learning in this setting will be innovative!

    We will utilize two types of learning: synchronous and asynchronous.

    Synchronous Learning - Two-way, real-time/live, remote instruction between teachers and students. Students will attend class via Zoom at scheduled times throughout the day, and are expected to be actively engaged in learning with their teacher and classmates.

    Asynchronous Learning - Instruction that does not require having the instructor and student engaged at the same time.  The student is required to be engaged daily with work and the teacher is required to give daily feedback.

    Students will follow a schedule and attend class at their scheduled time, and students will need time to complete required lessons from their teachers on Canvas.